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All about Rewards Card

Rewards cards come in three main varieties and one is a cash-back or fixed-value card. These have a straightforward and clearly defined benefit accrual. They’ll usually give one point and sometimes a bit more for every dollar you spend. In addition to travel related redemption’s, these cards offer a wide selection of merchandise purchases through companies such as ScoreCard Rewards. Plus, they can offer cash back paid directly to you on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Cash-back card values are about the same but you can use the money for anything. Remember, the ratio is the same. With a $1,000 in charges to the card, you can purchase $10 worth of merchandise. Both require frequent use to meet financial goals.

The second type is the co-branded credit card, and which aligns with hotel companies and airlines. The benefit here is that you earn points for their loyalty programs, and some of these programs are extremely lucrative. In addition to frequent flyer miles, these cards often have added benefit such as elite club membership,

Handle Finances After Marriage

It is important that you make any significant financial decisions jointly as a couple to avoid creating financial frustration and aggravation in your marriage. The first thing you should do with your spouse is to establish a joint budget. To do this you will need to be completely honest with your spouse about your income, debts, assets, and credit history. The easiest way to create a joint budget is to itemize your monthly income and all your debts. This information should include all your monthly bills from your rent or mortgage, auto loans, student loans, installment loans, and credit card balances. Both of your individual financial plans have just become one joint plan, so it is important to know exactly what both you and your spouse spend your money on. Whether you decide to share in the bill paying responsibilities or to entrust one spouse, both parties should be aware and able to find out what the household income is being spent on. When creating your new joint budget, you will find that there are many areas that you

Some Habits of Financial Health

Develop a long-term financial plan
If you do not know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else. Your financial future is much more important than your next holiday. My work colleagues are always busy planning their holidays, if you do the same, channel some of that energy and focus on what your long term plans are. Write them down.

Stay Insured
A study done at Harvard University indicates that Medical Expenses are the biggest cause of bankruptcy, representing 62% of all personal bankruptcies in the States. A good health insurance can protect you. However, one of the interesting caveats of the study I just mentioned, shows that 78% of filers had some form of health insurance. My own take is that you need to select an insurance that is personalized to your needs. If you have dependents you would need a different insurance compared to your single friend.

Be prepared for the unexpected
One year ago I lost my job, my monthly salary went from five figures to zero

Essential Requirements for the right Lawyer

The medical examination gets initiated as well as entrusted byinsurers to one of his medical consultants, then on the basis of the medical reports assessing the sequelae, the insurer must make an offer of compensation within five months from the date of which he was informed of the consolidation of the victim of the bodily injury.

Right to Comprehensive Compensation

An accident victim has the right to full reparation for damages suffered, this is a fundamental principle.

Faced with the medical expertise that will determine the extent of the after-effects and injuries suffered, the victims of accidents (traffic, medical, domestic, offenses) are most often unprepared and poor in front of professionals of the compensation. The personal injury lawyers Hamilton are there to support you.

The risks of impartiality and inequality between the insurer (who will have to pay) and the victim are not without consequences for the victim of accident and bodily injury.

Most often the victim of bodily injury is not assisted by the medical adviser and presents himself alone at invitations of the adviser of the insurer, although the law requires the insurer to inform the victim that

Auto Repair Emergencies: Tips to Covering the Costs

It goes without saying that there will come a day when your car won’t be as efficient as the day you bought it. No matter how diligent you are about keeping up with maintenance, sometimes, cars just break down. While some repairs can be easy to tackle, others cost hundreds or thousands of dollars that you don’t have available. Rather than doing without your vehicle for a while, it is best to look into options such as these to get you out of a bind:

Car Insurance

Was your car damaged in an accident? Whether you were in a head-on collision or your car was sideswiped while parked in front of your home, you could get financial coverage from your insurance provider. Since your insurance provider will require a deductible and your premium rates may increase, you’ll want to get an estimate on the repairs first to determine whether it is worth filing a claim. If the cost of

Collecting Rent Online

Controls management costs

Collecting rent online reduces property management expenses. This allows you to cut down on operation costs, and lets property management fees remain low, which is definitely an advantage for property owners.

Improves customer service

Instead of collecting and processing paper checks, your team can spend more time focusing on their marketing efforts and improving the relations with the residents.

Lessens past due accounts

Since there are different online payment options – such as PaypPal, eCheck and credit card – there will be a considerable reduction in late payments. In addition, mobile alerts that remind the residents that the rent is due, or when the due date is drawing near, usually prompts an immediate payment when your system is mobile device optimized.

Adds more security

Paying rent online gets rid of the risks involved with cash payments. Moreover, your insurance company is more likely to reduce your coverage when you do not maintain cash on-site.

Makes dispute resolutions easier and makes an audit track

Online rent payments generate a digital paper trail. If ever a resident claims that he/she paid online, you can check the system at

Tricks Clean Up Budget

Create a daily spending limit and stick to it. That’s right. Daily. Because sometimes, those of us who aren’t so good with budgeting, need serious boundaries. This way, we can really look at “What am I spending my money on? Is this a necessity, a treat, or should I//do I need to save my daily allowance for something in a few days?”

Commit to paying down debt. There are a few ways to do this effectively, but, as I’ve been reading, the simplest is to take it in small chunks and pay off the smallest one first. Then tackle the next smallest, and so on. This is a great way to see progress! (And I like to see progress sooner than later!) There is a school of thought–and a wise one at that–that says pay off the debt with the highest interest rate. This is a really good idea too.

Focus on needs instead of wants… for now. I think we have to look closely what we want to spend our money on… for me, I like getting my nails done. I also like buying clothes for myself and my family. But right now these things need to be

Maintain Financial Wealth

Give the IRS as little as possible

Utilize all tax saving techniques available. This is difficult, because most accountants are not familiar with unique tax saving strategies like cash balance plans, K plans, and dash plans, which substantially reduce income taxes while building money for the future.

Many frustrated taxpayers have expressed the opinion accountants are working for the IRS. Most accountants deny this and would argue they represent their clients and are not servants of the IRS.

However, the government has been relentlessly extending varied tax penalty provisions applicable to accountants and advisors to the point where advisors and accountants are caught in a dilemma.

Overly aggressive representation of clients can easily put an accountant or advisor into a position where they can be subject to varied penalties, which might even result in the loss of their license to practice law or accounting in addition to some significant financial penalties.


Develop and follow a sound long-term investment strategy. Too many people invest based on what they have read or who they have talked to recently.

They often sell out of the stock market after it has dropped. They purchase

Create a Financial Safe House

Large corporations have been hoarding unusually amount of cash since the Great Recession however their cache is far and beyond what would be considered a normal financial cushion. They have invested sparingly this overwhelming cash hoard into development and the creation of quality jobs, let alone maintaining jobs. Their financial restructuring has benefitted primarily the shareholders through the sale of operations and laying employees off to increase shareholder returns.

The nation’s financial structure has not been overhauled because these same large corporations’ powerful lobbying groups prevent the introduction and implementation of stronger financial supports. Any changes are aesthetic akin to the application of fresh paint on a wobbly building.

And because of their lack of transparency and heavy government control, no one, not even Chinese insiders, know the true values of these investments. This means that two economic superpowers which are dangerously highly dependent on each other, face enormous risks simultaneously. And finally the shadow market, a world in which billions of investments are conducted legally but are off-the-blocks with no oversight, compound the problem.

For this reason, it’s prudent to allocate considerably more into cash and any other investment instrument which can be converted

Consumer Spending Matters to Economy

Economists and market analysts often keep a close eye on trends related to consumer activity. If consumer spending is strong, it can be an indication that most Americans have a high level of confidence in the direction of the economy. The total amount of consumer spending isn’t the only measure people keep an eye on. The types of expenditures can help determine how high consumer confidence may be at any given time. For example, if sales of luxury goods (expensive cars, jewelry) are lagging and people are putting more money into necessities like food, shelter and clothing, it may not reflect a strong vote of confidence about consumer expectations.

The data on spending plays an important role in how businesses and government agencies plan for the future. If consumers show a high level of confidence, businesses are more likely to boost spending as well to try to capitalize on the opportunity for increased sales. By contrast, if consumers are cautious about spending, businesses may invest less and government policymakers have, at times, chosen to provide stimulus through tax cuts or increased spending to help give the economy a boost.

Consumer spending trends also have a big

Information of Simple Money Matters

We live in times and society where the pressures to buy and to show off the things we have bought (materialism) is enormous. Our inability to afford these things or put money aside for them has pushed us to the direction of buying on credit (getting things now and paying for them over time thereafter). Credit can, if approached with caution and discipline, greatly improve the quality of our lives. It can afford us things that we need now that we do not have cash to buy, for example, we may not afford to buy houses cash but may take a mortgage bond and pay affordable instalments over time, or take out a hire purchase for a car personal or business use. Credit can however become addictive resulting in impulsive buying habits (buying things that you do not need because you can afford them through credit limit). The fact that you can afford something does not necessarily mean that you can have it. If credit is not applied responsibly, it can have tremendous destructive consequences.

We live in a consumer society where people are judged by what they have, rather than who they are. This has developed

Overview Online Bill Payment

What is the best reason to choose online bill payments? First of all, you can save time and money when paying late fees and postage. It is also actually safer than paying through mail. Personal information is at risk of falling into the wrong hands when it is printed on paper and goes through the whole postal system. Besides, you can manage your finances more easily when paying bills using your credit card. Furthermore, you can even save cash rewards and airline travel miles whenever you use it.

When you pay your bills online, you will save on the use of paper, doing your share in preserving Mother Earth.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using online bill payments is getting rid of all the paper sent to your billing address. There will be less mail and envelopes to open and discard. Now, you can receive all your billing statements and reminders in your email inbox. Your service providers and banks will ask if you would like them to email your bills and reminders. They will gladly send your bill through electronic mail. This means less trash in your home and less paper in the landfills. With

Financial Prudence

Spend money available only on what makes the presents some value for you and your family (educational activities for children, joint family vacation, help parents and so on.).

It is a stupid thing to do to spend more money than you earn. This everyone knows, but only a few do manage to make (every second American family has outstanding loans or even several).

Don’t buy stuff that you use only 1-2 times. Give up such purchases, or rent these things.

Agree on a common understanding in the family – how to spend money, what investments you should make.

Forget about buying costly things spontaneously. It can be a women’s luxury watch for your loved one, which she doesn’t need or the same car as your buddy bought. Set aside a final decision about their purchase for a few weeks. If the desire is still here, then you buy.

Avoid excessive greed. People live in order to get pleasure from life, not to save money on every little thing! Pamper yourself more often (within the family budget agreed in advance).

Learn to calmly – without screams and scandals – discuss and solve inevitably

Protect Assets From Unexpected Events

Life insurance

This is one of the most fundamental forms of insurance – protection for family members if you or your spouse should die. The consequences of death can be devastating to a family in many ways, not the least of which is financially. Keep in mind that there is a financial impact even if either of you are not earning income outside the home. If you are a stay-at-home spouse or volunteer, the role you play at home will need to be filled should you pass away unexpectedly. It’s recommended to have sufficient life insurance in place to replace the lost income and to cover a lifetime of needs for your family.

Disability income insurance

Many people overlook the financial risk of a disabling injury or illness, assuming their health insurance will cover additional expenses. If you incur an injury or illness that prevents you from earning your regular income, disability income insurance helps replace that income. This coverage is often offered by your employer, and most plans offer several levels of coverage as a percentage of your income. Make certain your coverage is sufficient to truly protect all of your income needs in

About Savings Accounts between Investing Accounts

Savings accounts do have great benefits. Savings should be allocations of cash put aside for short term goals. Savings should also be used for personal expenses like loan payments, utility bills, and insurance. Savings accounts should also be used for anything in life that will require a large amount of cash in five years or less. The stock market can fluctuate and losing value of money while trying to achieve a short term goal is counter productive.

There are numerous types of investment accounts. There are a plethora of services offered with both discount brokers and full service brokers. Most people go to full service brokers because they like face to face transactions and customer service while others prefer internet based discount brokers because they don’t value face to face interactions. Since Millennials are tech savvy and don’t have money to be throwing away for steep fees, most young investors go the discount route.

I own an account with a discount broker because I like to micro manage my investments and I firmly believe Millennials should go in this direction as well. Most accounts are free to open, and I highly recommend using TD Ameritrade because

Protect Retirement Accounts

Investors should always keep a close eye on how much they’re paying, since a fee of 1 or 2 percent can have a surprisingly large cumulative impact on their financial future if it’s charged yearly.

For example, did you know that mutual fund returns in 401(k) plans are normally reported as net returns, meaning that fees for managing your investments are subtracted from your gains or added to your losses before calculating the annual return. Other costs, such as administrative and record-keeping fees, are often divided among plan participants but are not explicitly listed on individual investment statements. This lack of transparency is frustrating for investors.

Investors should also ask detailed questions about how their advisers are being paid. What incentives do they have to steer you into products they recommend? An adviser may operate differently if they’re paid by the hour or by a percentage of the assets they manage, versus if they’re paid extra commissions for certain in-house products. Even if the rule passes, I just can’t believe that institutions are going to stop pushing products down your throat.

People who don’t know the first thing about annuity expenses, load fees, or the

Start Retirement Financial Planning Now

Retirement Is More Expensive Than You Think

If asked, most people could not tell you how much money they need to have saved so that they could leave the workforce for good. Retirement financial planning suggests the average household will spend just over $40,000 per year when all of its members are no longer working. This amount is for a very conservative lifestyle, with little in the way of travel or other luxuries. Social Security benefits usually only amount to roughly $15,000 per year.

This leaves a significant gap that needs to be made up through savings and investments. With the average American living longer, savings must be increased to ensure that accounts do not run out prematurely. A second aspect that makes leaving the workforce so expensive is the unforeseen costs that people encounter. With an abundance of free time there is an equivalent increase in entertainment costs per year. Medical expenses also increase substantially, to more than $5,000 per year on average. All of these extra expenses are on top of the cost of utilities, groceries, insurance, rent or mortgage, and travel.

In conclusion, retirement financial planning can be tough to prioritize. Most

Info of Personal Financial Management

1) Mutual Funds:

Investing in mutual funds can be much more profitable if one is a little more active than most in one’s choices of fund selections.

For example, most people allow their employer-designated financial advisor to choose funds for them.

Unfortunately, many financial advisors are really not that in-depth in their knowledge of mutual fund investing, and often simply choose funds based on the limited selection of funds they have knowledge of, or access to.

Choosing funds should take into account:

1) finding funds with relatively low expense ratios.

2) finding funds that combine:

– stable tenure of management


– above average rates of return (for funds in that risk category)

After conferring with colleagues of mine in the past, I learned that, when one does not have adequate financial advice, it is almost always best to invest in an American Stock Exchange index fund, that is called the “Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500”.

That fund is a passively-managed fund that owns stock in the 500 largest corporations in the United States.

A portfolio that diversified, composed of stock in that many huge, United

Financial Planning Is Important

Gives Financial Security to Family

Raising a family leads to widening of your expenditure. Money for education, basic living, entertainment, vacations and others require a prominent amount of saving beforehand. Becoming financially secure is a result of wise investments and savings. Financial planning will make you invest in lucrative schemes, and helps you become financially abundant. Hence, your family needs are never put on hold.

Manages Tax Payment

Having a clear account of all your expenses, amount of saving and number of investments is good. Besides that, you also get to know the amount of tax, which you are liable to pay as per your income scale. You will never miss tax deadlines, which will save a lot of unnecessary mental stress.

Facilitates Ready Cash Availability

Having your finances in good shape also means, that you have a lump sum amount of hard cash, always available at your disposal. There are certain situations where payment through debit or credit card is not acceptable. In such situations, you will require physical money. Being financially planned will enable you to have this requisite.

Enables Asset Building

With increased financial stability comes your desire

Info of Money Transfer Threatens

Money laundering

Sometimes scams are initiated with an email or a phone call, or even an advertisement in the newspaper, offering commission for work with minimal risk. All that is required from the prospect is a laptop, an internet connection and a few hours every week. It might be pitched like an opportunity to work from home or flexible working.

You will be asked to either deposit money to receive initial working kit or receive a hefty payment into your bank account, then redistribute the money overseas (laundering). Whilst the fraudsters may convince you that money is being used for legitimate purposes such as trading shares abroad, or helping a charity distribute funds – you need to be vigilant. Or you could find yourself unwittingly funding criminals or converting someone’s black money into legitimate funds. Further, once you are lured into this by commission, scammers may also try to access your bank account, using the details you have given them.

Don’t respond to such advertisements or give your bank details to strangers. Ever.

Gift card/phishing

This scam usually happens during the holiday season. Consumers receive special promotion or gift card emails that look