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Financial Prudence

Spend money available only on what makes the presents some value for you and your family (educational activities for children, joint family vacation, help parents and so on.).

It is a stupid thing to do to spend more money than you earn. This everyone knows, but only a few do manage to make (every second American family has outstanding loans or even several).

Don’t buy stuff that you use only 1-2 times. Give up such purchases, or rent these things.

Agree on a common understanding in the family – how to spend money, what investments you should make.

Forget about buying costly things spontaneously. It can be a women’s luxury watch for your loved one, which she doesn’t need or the same car as your buddy bought. Set aside a final decision about their purchase for a few weeks. If the desire is still here, then you buy.

Avoid excessive greed. People live in order to get pleasure from life, not to save money on every little thing! Pamper yourself more often (within the family budget agreed in advance).

Learn to calmly – without screams and scandals – discuss and solve inevitably arising financial problems.