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Online Payment Systems

By making online payment of your bills, you save a lot of postal expense. An average household spends about $70 per annum towards postal expense. It also helps eliminating the payment of late fees against bills that don’t get paid in time. Missed payments can result to paying:

  • A higher rate of interest
  • Overdue charges or late fees
  • If the payment remains unpaid for long, you may get classified under ‘collection status’


You can manage your debts quite conveniently by having an automatic system for making online payments against bills that need to be paid every month or week. You can specify the amount and the date of making the payment, and the system will automatically withdraw funds from your account and pay to the designated party, thus eliminating the chances of making late payments, or the checks getting lost to save you from penalties; it saves your time as well. That makes it the most reliable way of ensuring that all your regular bills are paid in time.

What should users look out for?

The execution of electronically concluded transactions is always associated with slight risks. Though negligible, the probability of such risks